Thursday, May 24, 2007

Countless Preparations

Well after a lot of work and countless hours battling the encoder, I managed to get the first webisode on line. Check it out here. I had to choose between Windows Media, Quicktime, Flash, or YouTube for broadcasting the video. YouTube would have been the obvious choice, but after putting so much work into the rest of the site, I thought it would be a waste to use "someone else's work." So I thought about Flash, but designing a player with controls was out of my scope. Plus Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 can't export to Flash, even though Macromedia is now owned by Adobe. Maybe a newer version can but I don't have it. Quicktime and Windows Media were neck and neck in the decision. Finally I decided on Windows Media because my encoding tools could make a much higher quality video in Windows Media than they could in Quicktime. I'm not saying Quicktime is bad, just that I don't have enough space on my server to allow me to host the larger file. Anyway, sorry if that means that you Mac folks have trouble, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.